Pirates Allowed To Add Players

by UFL Staff

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The United Football League (UFL) announced today that they will be implementing a significant change to their player roster rules, effective immediately. UFL teams will now be allowed to have an unlimited number of players on each team.

This rule change is a significant shift for the UFL, as previously, teams were limited to a maximum of 21 players on their roster. With this new rule in place, UFL teams will now have the flexibility to sign as many players as they need to help them succeed on the field.

"We are excited to announce this change to our player roster rules," said Joe McClendon III. "We believe that this new policy will provide our teams with the flexibility they need to build the strongest possible rosters and compete at the highest level."

The UFL is committed to promoting the growth and development of professional football in the United States, and this rule change is one way in which they are working towards that goal. By allowing teams to have more players on their roster, the UFL is creating more opportunities for players to showcase their skills and potentially earn a spot on an NFL roster.

This rule change will also provide UFL teams with more depth and flexibility when it comes to injuries and player availability. With unlimited players on each team, coaches can adjust their rosters as needed throughout the season more quickly. Each Head Coach will be allowed 16 exempt players, similar to collegiate scholarships. All exempt players will be permitted to take advantage of team housing and meal players. At the same time, all non-exempt players are permitted full team facility access, team training, team practices, and game and practice film. All non-exempt players must register online and provide proof of a state-approved athletic physical before joining team practices set for this June.  

The UFL is excited to see how this new rule will impact the league and looks forward to a successful upcoming season.

Registration for the UFL and member teams is now available at uflfootball.com/2023-player-registration. Player registration dues will facilitate non-exempt players insurance, practice and game uniform, and training expenses. 

For more information about the United Football League, please visit uflfootball.com.